2020 PRI Trade Show
Indianapolis, IN
Dec. 10 - 12 
Audie Tech Booth # 5134

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Flow Quik Adds Pitot Air Speed, Two Readouts

The new Flow Quik design has an additional display and an extra pressure  sensor.  The extra sensor is used with pitot tubes to measure air speeds.  It also measures carburetor booster signals.  The additional display shows depression, air speed, or booster signal.

Cam Pro Plus Tech Inspection Options

The use of Cam Pro Plus for at-the-track tech inspection continues to grow.  We have developed various mechanisms for attaching the rotary encoder without pulling the camshaft. Most of these attach to the distributor, but we also have mechanisms for distributorless ingnition engines.  The latest designs fit on MSD distributors without disturbing the distributor.

Recommended Reading

Engine Airflow   by Harold Bettes.
This well-written book is both informative and easy to understand.  The subtitle says it well:  A Practical Guide to Airflow Theory, Parts Testing, Flow Bench Testing, and Analyzing data to Increase Performance for Any Street or Racing Engine.  From the back cover: “It’s a well-known fact that the key to power is the management of airflow throughout the engine, from the initial intake to final exhaust.  Airflow expert Harold Bettes has compliled decades’ worth of research into a user-frienly guide that explains the complex ins and outs of engine airflow with real-world performance applications.”

More Recommended Reading

Engine Technology in the Modern World   by Roger Bywater.
This excellent book is full of explanations about how engine technology has evolved, especially in recent years, to deliver amazing levels of performance and economy, whilst reducing harmful exhaust emissions almost to zero. Subjects like induction and exhaust tuning, cam design, combustion, and emission control, are described and analysed in plain English without getting bogged down with cumbersome mathematics and jargon.

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