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Cam Pro Plus Options

Easy Cam Option
File Conversion Option
Keyboard Entry/Edit Option
Open/Close Report Option
Raw Data ASCII Output Option
Runout & Deviation Option
Spintron Option
Tech Inspection Distributor
Valve Train Option
Other Options
Cam Doctor Upgrade

Easy Cam Software Option

This option allows Cam Pro Plus software to be used with the Andrews Products Easy Cam hardware. It also includes routines for importing Easy Cam files.

File Conversion Software Option

The file conversion option will convert Cam Pro Plus, S96, and Doctor Doctor files to Cam Pro Plus files. Standard Cam Doctor files may also be converted to Cam Pro Plus files, but the centerlines may not be correct. The option will also convert Cam Pro Plus files to Doctor Doctor, S96, or 4StHead files.

Keyboard Entry/Edit Software Option

The keyboard entry/edit option creates and edits Cam Pro Plus data files from keyboard entered lift data. Both keyboard entered and measured data files can be edited.

Open/Close Report Software Option

The Open-Close Data report uses a format commonly used by FISA (a European race sanctioning body) for cam specs. This format lists the lift for the opening half and the closing half side by side at a regular angle spacing.

Raw Data ASCII Output Software Option

The Raw Data Output option creates an ASCII file that contains the raw measurement data at full sensor resolution. CPP files always have data at 1 cam degree spacing. The sensor always measures at a smaller spacing. A simple CNC format is also possible with this option.

Runout & Deviation Software Option

This option combines two features that are of special interest to camshaft manufacturers. The runout feature corrects for shaft runout. It does this by measuring the journals to determine the runout, and then correcting the lobes when they are measured. The deviation feature compares lobes to a reference lobe, and generates a report that shows the angular and lift deviation.

Spintron Software Option

This option lets you work with data from Spintron csv files. Results from multiple RPM's can be graphed simultaneously. Standard Cam Pro Plus files can be viewed together with Spintron files.

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In this Cam Pro Plus graph the blue curve is 2500 RPM, the red one is 9600 RPM. Notice the reduced duration, probably due to flexing in the valve train. Examination of other RPM's from the same test shows a pattern of reducing duration as RPM rises. Valve float is clearly visible in the 9600 RPM curve. There is also a hint of valve bounce upon closing.
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This zoomed-in view of the valve closing shows the bounce clearly.

Tech Inspection Distributor

The Tech Inspection Distributor is a quick and easy way to mount the rotary encoder for in-engine measurement. It is especially popular for performing technical inspection. The photos show the Distributor with and without the Rotary Encoder Assembly.
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Valve Train Software Option

This option compensates for overhead valve trains that have pivoting followers. It handles both cam on rocker arm (CORA), and finger followers. The option can also convert lift data measured with one diameter roller follower to what it would be if a different diameter roller were used.

Other Options

The standard options described above were all developed in response to customer needs. If you have special needs, please let us know.

Cam Doctor Upgrade

Cam Doctor Upgrade












Over the years we have upgraded dozens of Cam Doctors. In a typical Cam Doctor upgrade:

  • The stand, follower, linear encoder, and magnetic mount for the rotary encoder are re-used.
  • The software and interface electronics are replaced.
  • The rotary encoder is replaced, unless it is a Heidenhain brand encoder.
The Cam Pro Plus eletronics interface to your computer via the computer's COM port. The Cam Doctor's special card that plugs into your computer is abandoned.
While the magnetic mount is retained, you should be very careful when using it, since it is known to sometimes seat improperly. When this happens it will give results that look reasonable, but are wrong. If you are at all doubtful about the results you should re-mount the rotary sensor and re-measure the camshaft.
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