2020 PRI Trade Show
Indianapolis, IN
Dec. 10 - 12 
Audie Tech Booth # 5134

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Tech inspecting camshafts is now faster, easier, and more accurate.  No more fumbling with a degree wheel and checking only three points on a cam lobe.  Just install the Cam Pro Plus on the engine with the tech distributor, and the linear sensor in place of your old dial indicator and you can check the cam in just minutes.  Measure duration, opening, closing, centerline, and lobe separation, of crate engines or cam restricted classes.  The rotary sensor measures to 1/10 degree.  The linear sensor measures to 1 micron (0.00004 inches). And, unlike lesser quality systems, the measeurements are accurate and repeatable

With this accuracy there is NO room for cheating.  Ask any engine builder, there is no 'getting around' this.  It can be adapted to most engines, not just Chevy's.  Installation is simple, just plug the remote interface module into the serial port on the back of  your computer. 

It’s no wonder that tracks using this system are experiencing growth.  You’ll find more racers at the track when racers know that they will get a fair race.  When one or two cheaters no longer win every week, you get more racers.  We have even had racers buy this system for their track because it is more effective and less expensive than a protest!


Cam Pro Plus software has a special Tech inspector mode.  It gives you the simplicity you want and the detailed information you need.  Powerful graphics make analysis quick and easy.  When you overlay 'just measured' lobes on previously measured baseline 'legal' lobes, you have a picture that anyone can understand and no one can argue with.  It only takes a click to add or remove lobes.  Multi-level zoom aids inspection of fine details.

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