2020 PRI Trade Show
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Dec. 10 - 12 
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   Universal Cam Adapter for Cam Pro Plus
The Cam Pro Plus stand has always used an adapter to connect the rotary encoder to the end of the camshaft. Since these adapters must fit the end of the camshaft, most Cam Pro Plus owners have needed a variety of adapters to measure all of the different camshafts they use.

Making these adapters, while not difficult, can be inconvenient. We have now developed a universal cam adapter. The universal adapter is a miniature 3 jaw lathe chuck which has been adapted to fit the Cam Pro Plus rotary encoder assembly.

Our testing has shown that the universal adapter yields results comparable to the standard adapter. The only exception was a variation of .0002 or .0003 inches in base circle runout. The variation seems to be related to the placement of the chuck's jaws on the camshaft journal. For most Cam Pro Plus owners this is an acceptable trade-off to gain the universality. Those who can not accept this (mostly camshaft manufacturers) can still use the standard adapters.

The universal adapter costs less when ordered with a Cam Pro Plus stand, because some of it's cost is offset by the cost of the standard adapter (that normally comes with a stand) which it replaces.
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