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Flow Pro Depression Control

The Flow Pro Depression Control automatically adjusts the power to your flowbench's vacuum motors to keep the depression steady. It responds quickly to dips or surges in the input power and changes in valve opening. Now you can flow test heads as quickly as you can open the valve to the next test point. This greatly reduces the time required to run a test. One customer reported that he now accomplishes in three minutes what used to require one hour! To be fair I should mention that the hour included keying the flow data into a spreadsheet and graphing it, but graphing the data is also included in the three minutes.

The combination of much faster test times and reduced power usage by the motors greatly reduces or even eliminates the problems associated with overheated rooms and overheated benches. The depression control is compatible with any bench that uses vacuum motors.

Question: Will it hurt the vacuum motors?

No, it makes them last longer. Many electric motors can be harmed by running at low voltage, but vacuum motors are designed differently. In fact, some manufacturers run vacuum motors at half voltage to break in the brushes.
Question: What should I do with my bench’s existing depression controls?
Set them to their highest position. The depression control will regulate the vacuum motors so that they do not produce excess vacuum that would need to be reduced by a mechanical control.
Question: Do I need to re-wire my flowbench.?
If your bench has a light or if it uses a relay to switch power to the motors then the depression control must be connected so that its output is not supplying power for the light or the relay. Because the depression control is connected between the relay and the vacuum motors, it does not affect the power for the light and the relay.
Question: My bench does not use vacuum motors. Will the depression control work with my bench?

Specifications for Depression Control

Dimensions 10 x 10.5 x 4.5 inches
Connection to PC Standard COM port. Can share a port with Flow Pro sensors.
Input 220/240 VAC or 110 VAC, 50 or 60 Hz
The Control can be configured at the factory to work with 220 V used as a single 220 V circuit, or 220 V used as two 110 V circuits, or a single 110 V circuit. Overseas customers should consult the factory regarding compatibility with their electric power.
Faster testing. Saves power. Eliminates overheated rooms. Eliminates overheated benches. Extends vacuum motor life.

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