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Database Technology
Flow Pro uses database technology to effectively manage the large amount of data that is generated by a serious development program. The chore of organizing and storing the data is done for you. Data retrieval is easy, too. The flow test database can be filtered and sorted in a multitude of ways that make it easy to find the data you are looking for. Backward compatibility with your older DOS Flow Pro test files is provided by import and export functions.

Flexible Test Modes
Flow Pro has always had "by lift" tests. The Windows version also allows testing by L/D ratio. Fully automatic tests can be run using the Flow Pro valve opener. Other testing modes include port map tests, carburetor tests, and "by depression" tests.

Port Mapping
The Port map test provides an organized method to record and display air speeds. It quickly highlights where the fast and slow air is in the port and how it shifts as it travels through the port. This greatly increases the usefulness of pitot tubes.

Flow Coefficients
A coefficient is a measure of a head's performance versus a standard. Flow Pro allows you to choose from among four commonly used standards. The "Potential Cfm" curve lets you see the standard upon which the coefficient is based.

Supports Flow Pro & Superflow Sensors
Flow Pro software can be used without sensors by keying in manometer readings. It also supports direct data acquisition via Flow Pro sensors, or Superflow's FlowCom, or the Superflow SF1020 bench.

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