2020 PRI Trade Show
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Dec. 10 - 12 
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Flow Pro Automatic Valve Opener

The Flow Pro Valve Opener places the valve under computer control. Together with the Depression Control, this permits automatic flow testing. With this equipment a complete flow test of one port requires less than two minutes.

  vopnr05s.jpg   voused10s.jpg

"This thing works so slick, it's like cheating. Thanks for a great product!"
- Steve Vigen

The valve opener's unique design uses a hollow tube to push the valve. The tube is held by Teflon bearings and moved by a linear stepper motor. The tip of the digital dial indicator extends through the hollow tube to directly measure the valve position. This ensures accurate valve positioning.

The valve opener's slotted mounting arm attaches to its body with two screws. This mounting method can adapt to most existing systems, including Brzezinski (see the photo above right). For special situations you can replace the arm with a custom mounting solution.

Valve Opener Advantages
  • Faster testing. Test one port in two minutes.
  • Saves power.
  • Eliminates overheated rooms.
  • Eliminates overheated benches.
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