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Dec. 10 - 12 
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Flow Quik
Air Supply Plans 
We now offer a set of detailed plans and fully illustrated instructions for building a Flow Quik air supply and a Flow Quik test plenum. The step by step instructions feature:
  • 50 full color illustrations
  • Blueprints
  • Parts list
  • Illustrated instructions
  • Cutting diagrams
The plans are fully tested and include a parts list with suggested sources.

This Air Supply (above) and Test Plenum (below) were built using the Test Plenum and Air Supply plans. To better show the construction, we did not paint them or laminate them.
Test Plenum

The photo below is Test Plenum and Air Supply built by Farrel Vaughan with his 2 & 3 combo Flow Quik.  Notice the gate valves at the right end of the 2 inch and 3 inch runs. They are used to shut off the run that is not being used.

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