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Flow Quik

How it Works

Flow Quik works with a vacuum source that you supply. This can be your shop vacuum or a more powerful source. (See Flow Quik Tips & Advice for hints on vacuum sources.) It does not control the amount of vacuum (commonly called "depression"). Instead, it measures the depression and the flow, and then adjusts the displayed flow to what it would be at the standard depression. You select the standard depression by the range knob on the front panel. The method Flow Quik uses to adjust flow to standard conditions is a well established principle of fluid dynamics that is commonly used in flow bench work.

Flow Quik uses an averaging velocity tube to measure flow. The velocity tube and the orifice (commonly used in flow benches) are both members of a broader classification of flow measuring devices called differential producers. With both of these, the flowing air produces a pressure drop that is proportional to the square of the flow. The combination of this nonlinear response and high pressure drops gives the orifice a limited range. This is why flow benches need several orifices of different sizes.

Flow Quik's averaging velocity tube is a low restriction device, giving it a low pressure loss.  Therefore, it can measure a broader range of flows than an orifice.  It's range can be further extended by testing at less than standard depression and allowing Flow Quik to compensate the flow to what it would be at standard depression.

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