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Benches Built by Flow Quik Owners

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Test stand constructed by Jack Schwendener at Jackson Head Works.

Flow Quik in UseJack Schwendener of Jackson Head Works in Citrus Heights, CA says, "The overall photos show the Flow Quik unit installed on a stand that one of my customers gave to me. It was formerly a point-of-sale computer stand in a retail store. I made a few easy modifications to it. I have used standard PVC pipe fittings in suitable sizes for the dummy "cylinder" and connecting piping. The head adaptor was made using 1 inch thick clear acrylic. I used a head gasket to lay out the dimensions, including the head dowels, which are short sections of suitable size rubber hose. The acrylic plate was bored (with a standard adjustable boring head) to fit the PVC pipe in a benchtop "mill/drill". The PVC cylinder was then epoxied in place. The PVC pipe fittings are joined with duct tape so it can be setup and taken down easily. When using PVC fittings, it is sometimes necessary to remove flashing, strengthening ribs, etc. as required.

"As you see from photos, I like to test the entire flow path so I have installed a manifold on the intake side (with an entrance bell made from modeling clay) and a mandrel-bent exhaust header stub.

A Very Attractive Flow Quik Bench.

Flow Quik

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Air Cooled Engines Plus

Flow Quik in Use

John Aller at Air Cooled Engines Plus found that at higher flow levels the corrected flow numbers are more stable with a stronger vacuum. He hooked two shop vacs together with a Y fitting to get a higher depression. He reported that the corrected CFM numbers did not change, but at higher flow levels the numbers were more stable.

Flow Quik in Use

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Flow Quick in Use

McMaster Rebuilds Flow Quick

McMaster Rebuilds bench using tangental discharge vacuum motors.

Jim Lepetich Flow Quick

Jim Lepetich built this bench for his Flow Quik

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Flow Quick in Use

Dave's Service Center Flow Quick





















Dave's Service Center Flow Quick

Mark Glendening's Flow Quick Bench
Mark Glendening's Flow Quick Bench

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Flow Quick in Use

Mike Tirys Flow Quick











Mike Tiry's Creation

Flow Quick Empson Automotive




Flow Quik built into a bench at Empson Automotive







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Two Views of John Worth's Bench

John Worth's Flow Quick Bench













John Worth's Flow Quick Bench












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Flow Quik Combo Model with Test Plenum & Air Supply
 Flow Quick with Test Plenum and Air Supply













Flow Quick with Test Plenum and Air Supply












Flow Quick with Test Plenum and Air Supply
















Test Plenum and Air Supply built by Farrel Vaughan with his 2 & 3 combo Flow Quik. Notice the gate valves at the right end of the 2 inch and 3 inch runs. They are used to shut off the run that is not being used.

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