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What Expert Racers and Engine Builders say about Flow Quick.

John Parker-Vintage Performance Development Engine Builder and Racer

After one week with the Flow Quik I took 4 seconds off my time at Watkins Glen and was beating Camaros and Mustangs in my Volvo. 

John Holm-AutoTech Consulting Head Porter, Engine Builder and Consultant

I rank the Flow Quik as a superb piece of equipment, and for the price I can not believe every grass roots racer does not already have one. I feel the results are very legitimate and I will continue to use mine for the majority of my work. I love the speed at which I can now flow heads. I can do it in my basement and have a head done in 15 minutes. If I have to use the bigger bench it takes me about 1 hour to set up and test 1 port. Not having to set the depression is a time saving feature. I know that some of the new high dollar flow benches have a feature that automatically sets the depression with each valve lift. Those machines cost thousands of dollars more than the Flow Quik. For the grass roots racer, or the shop that needs a cost effective way to flow cylinder heads the Flow Quik is extremely hard to beat.

John Schwender-Jackson Head Works Head Porter

I hooked up my old (386SX) laptop to the FQ, using the software you provided and the shopvac you recommended. Everything went smooth, the unit seems very quick and easy to operate. After using some homemade units of manometers it was so easy it was almost scary. Having the live data displayed on the screen is great. I like having the depression which is displayed on the monitor because I like to stay over 6 inches. Although, I prefer this method, the Flow Quik unit alone also works well.

Jack Kane-E.P.I. Inc. Engineer

Flow Quik was easy to use, repeatable and compact. For a low budget racer trying to learn more about flow, this unit is the perfect choice.   
Bruce McMaster- McMaster Rebuilds Head Porter and Engineer Builder
I purchased a Flow Quik and I have incorporated your measuring system into a homemade bench. I have used a 55 gallon drum as a depression surge absorber and I am using four 125 CFM blowers as the vacuum source. I have been experimenting with just one take runner and just one exhaust runner on a head and have been getting repeatability of 0.25 of one percent. I find that care must be taken that valve opening is set exactly (I have the Brzezinski opening system). I am very happy with your product. 
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