2020 PRI Trade Show
Indianapolis, IN
Dec. 10 - 12 
Audie Tech Booth # 5134

John Aller Print
North American Sales

23 N. Trooper
Norristown, PA, 19403

Telephone: 610-630-5895
Fax: 610-630-5894

Information: John brings hands on experience to Audie Tech. He is an engine builder with experience in a wide variety of engines. He owns one of the first Flow Quiks, has built his own flowbench (fully outfitted with Flow Pro), and has used Dynomation to design and build engines that perform very well. John says that every odd engine from 5 HP Briggs to 12 cylinder Jaguars has made its way to his shop at one time or another. His broad hands-on experience is a great supplement to Audie's computer geek perspective. John welcomes all inquiries and questions and is standing by to answer your questions. Give John a call or fill out the email form below and your email will be answered promptly.


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