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Date: 1996-11-01 13:19:40
Audie Technology Newsletter - November 1996

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We Moved

At the end of August we moved house and business to Trooper, PA. Never underestimate the ability of a major relocation to create problems and soak up time! We are still recovering from the effects. But, whatever you want, I know just where it is - it's packed away in a box somewhere. New address and phone numbers are:


      Audie Technology, Inc.
      23 N. Trooper Rd.
      Trooper, PA 19403
      Phone: (610) 630-5895
      Fax: (610) 630-5894
      E-mail: audietech@audietech.com

Trade Show

We will be at the Performance Racing INdustry (PRI) trade shows. PRI east is December 6-8 in Columbus, Ohio. PRI west is January 10-12 in Reno, Nevada.

The Columbus show is the largest show for hard-core racing in the world (no exaggeration - we have seven international reps who give us a perspective on the rest of the world). We think it is also the best. If you can only go to one show, it should be this one.

For more information and to pre-register contact PRI: Phone (714) 499-5413 Fax (714) 499-0410. Pre-registering is strongly recommended. It will speed your check-in at the show. You MUST have some form of ID (business card, etc.) which identifies you as being in the racing business to be admitted to the show.


Our location is not the only new thing. We hope to have several new products ready for the PRI show (see dates above). with all the time lost to moving it will be interesting to see if we make it. The new products are listed as follows.

New Products

  1. Swirl meter - RPM based, Interfaces to Flow Pro (available soon).
  2. Depression Control - Electronic vacuum motor control for flow benches (available soon)
  3. Flow Pro V.3 - (now in final testing).
  4. Flow Quik - a less expensive supplement/alternative to traditional flow bench (available soon).
  5. Cam Pro Plus software options - we have added three new options to the Cam Pro Plus software. These options are available now. The file import-export option adds the ability to convert CPP files to Doctor Doctor files and Doctor Doctor files and S96 files to CPP files. The custom report option adds a set of very flexible customized reports and a special report in a format used by FISA (a large European sanctioning agency). The keyboard entry/edit option lets you edit CPP files and create CPP files from keyed-in data.
  6. Dynomation Two Stroke - The two stroke version of Dynomation is under development. The beta-testers say this is a knock-out.

Measuring Systems  

Measuring systems are usually a straight forward matter, but occasionally you encounter something that does not seem to make sense. When this happens there is usually an interesting story behind it. clamp.gif

Everyone knows that the metric system is used almost universally in Europe. I was quite surprised therefore, to learn that water pipe in Europe is measured in inches! It seems that England was the leading country in plumbing when running water became popular, so every country used pipe measured the English way. Apparently the disruption to the infrastructure would be too great if they switched.

In most countries air flow on flow benches is measured in DFM, even if everything else is metric. This seems to be because most flow bench work is done in the USA, and the US influence is strong enough to affect the choice of units for flow measurement elsewhere. Alternative units for air flow are CMM (cubic meters per minute) and liters per second.

All of this can get confusing. I was happy to learn that all two stroke engine development is metric. This simplifies development of the two stroke version of Dynomation. (See article above for more about new stuff!) All other Audie Technology software works with both metric and English units.


That's Fast!
A Flow Pro user in South Africa reports that flow testing, calculations, and plotting that used to take 35 minutes per port, has been reduced to 3 minutes with Flow Pro. That's fast!

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