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Date: 1994-10-01 08:22:47
Audie Technology Newsletter - October 1994

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October 1994

Newsletter? Yes!!

We received many responses to our first newsletter, and they were overwhelmingly positive. Thank you. The newsletter will continue.

Where Can I Buy a Flow Bench?

Here's a list of flow benches that are using Flow Pro and where you can buy them. We also have several customers with "home-made" benches using Flow Pro. If you bench is not listed call us. We have yet to see a flow bench that we could not adapt Flow Pro to.

Flow Data
8211 San Angelo, Unit E-14
Huntington Beach, CA 92647
Phone: (714) 848-3396
Contact: Rick Blood
3512 N. Tejon
Colorado Springs, CO 80907
Phone: (719)471-1746
Fax: (719) 471-1490
Malvinas 2127
7600 Mar Del Plata
Phone: (0)23-77-5260 (Spanish only)
Fax: (0)23-77-5260(Spanish/English
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Dynomation Shipping Now

Included with this newsletter is a sheet on Dynomation engine simulation software, which is shipping now. This program sets a new standard for engine simulation software. Call us for more information and to order.

Reaction to "The World of Briggs & Straton"

This response to the Briggs & Straton news items in the last newsletter comes from Europe. "Americans must have time and money to waste if they are starting to hot rod lawn mower engines! How will it all end? Supercharged with nitro methane, methanol, and nitrous oxide so it can crank out 5oo HP and a quarter mile of gas in 6 or 7 seconds?"

Cam Factor

Cam Pro Plus reports have a new item called Cam Factor. This concept came to us from some of our European customers, but we believe that others are also using it and many others will also find it useful. Cam factors are expressed as percentage and are always less then 100%. In theory an ideal cam would instantly open the valve to full lift, hold the valve open for the desired duration and then instantly close the valve. Such a cam would have a rectangular profile. Of course, it is not physically possible to create such a cam, and even if you could the valve train would never survive the rough ride that it would produce. Cam factor compares a cam profile's area above the checking height with the area of the ideal cam.

Cam Factor Graphic

Since cam factor depends upon the checking height used, a cam factor specification is not complete without specifying the checking height. The most commonly used heights are 0.050 inch (American) and 1mm (metric). If you find a cam factor without a checking height specified it is probably one of these.

Upcoming Trade Show

We will be at the Performance Racing Industry Trade Show at Columbus, Ohio Dec. 2-4, 1994. Stop by and see us at booth 1906. We expect to have some new things to show. This is the biggest and best trade show for the racing/high performance engine building industry (drag racing too). The show is "trade only". There is no entrance fee, but you must be involved in the industry in a professional capacity. This is a great opportunity to see the latest innovations in racing equipment. Contact PRI for more information: Phone: (714) 499-5413 Fax: (714) 499-3740.


November 30 to December 5, 1994. Our entire staff will be at the Performance Racing Industry Trade Show. We hope to see you there.

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