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Date: 2008-07-02 11:52:44
Audie Technology Newsletter - July 2008

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JULY 2008

New Website

As time goes on the shiny new car that you were so proud of a few years ago becomes the rusty beat-up clunker that you can't wait to replace.  So it is with websites.   We are proud to announce the new Audie Technology website.  Please stop by and check out our new site:  www.audietech.com.  

Head Porting School

GoFastNews.com has an excellent series of on-going articles on head porting and flow bench work.  Then look for "Porting School" in the thread titles.  We understand that a large number of articles are planned and will include a wide variety of topics relating to head porting.  The first articles deal with flow bench basics, including building your own bench.  Article 4 includes an extensive review of Flow Quik.  Article 5 begins to get into porting heads.

To find the articles, click on "Technical Articles" in the menu at the left side of the home page.

Dynomation On $ale!

Dynomation version 5 for Windows has been released.  During July you can get this $599 program for just $399.  Go to our website and check it out now.

Engine Expert for Windows

Audie Technology has teamed with Allan Lockheed & Associates to produce a Windows version of Engine Expert. Engine Expert was one of the first PC based simulation programs and it is still widely used.  The new program features:

  • Updated Windows user interface
  • Revised and updated expert advice
  • New options on engine geometry
  • Support for metric and imperial units
  • XY line data graphs
  • Dedicated engine balance graph
  • Head flow vs. crank angle graph (from Valve Pro)
  • Swirl vs. crank angle graph

New formulas contributed by Dick Phillips address important issues surrounding the location of the critical area in the intake tract.

Flow Pro or Flow Quik files can be used for head flow data sources, or you can key in airflow and swirl data directly.  Camshaft data can dome from Cam Doctor, S96, or Cam Pro Plus files.

Graphs and reports can be printed on any Windows supported printer or saved to a file.

For more information see our website:  www.audietech.com.

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