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Date: 2007-11-29 07:04:47
Audie Technology Newsletter - July 2006

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Flow Pro Expander for Flow Com and SF1020


We are in the final stages of developing a new product that adds new capabilities to Superflow's Flow Com™ (and the SF1020 flowbench which has a built-in Flow Com).  Superflow's Flow Com is similar to Flow Pro hardware, but it lacks support for a digital dial indicator and automatic valve opener, and it's support for a foot switch is sluggish because it's data rate is slow.  Flow Pro Expander adds to Flow Com a responsive foot switch and support for a digital dial indicator and automatic valve opener.  Installation is easy - just plug Flow Com into Expander and plug Expander into your computer.  

Flow Pro Expander (foot switch included) is $320.  Digital Dial Indicator is $295.  Automatic Valve Opener is $400.  Flow Pro software is $260.

New Trade Show

We will be at the RPM trade show, August 30 -September 1 in Indianapolis, Indiana. Our booth number is 815.  The RPM show is sponsored by AERA.  The show is open to high performance professionals, engine builders, warehouse distributors, and manufacturer's reps. Please note that you do not need to be an AERA member to attend the show.  This is the first year that the show is in Indy.  For more info check the AERA website: www.aera.org/rpm

The RPM trade show will precede the MAC Tool National Championships, the premier drag racing event in the US.  Attendees who pre-register by July 31 will receive a free ticket to Friday night's nitro-burning pro-qualifying round.

The show features some especially interesting morning seminars.  Scheduled seminars are:

Air Flow and Valve Train Technology with Scientific Gearheads
Dema Elgin
What Do the Numbers Mean?
Bill Hancock, owner of Arrow Racing Engines Inc.
Modern Technology for Valve Trains
Chris Padgitt, Performance Account Manager, Comp Cams Inc.
Machining Compacted Graphite Iron (CGI)
David Woodruff, CMfgE, Makino
Engine Builder Business Generation Network
Richard Rooks, AERA Website Consultant
Diamond-Like Hard Carbon Thin Film:  High Performance Applications
George Barr, President, Anatech Ltd.
Gasoline Technology Including Performance Enhancements
Tim Wusz, Rockett Brand Racing Fuel
The Invisible Enemy:  Destructive Crankshaft Vibrations
Fred Roland, Product Line Manager, Vibratech TVD
High-Performance Engine Lubrication:  A Slippery Subject
Roy Howell, Red Line Synthetic Oil Corp.
Lucas Oil
Forrest Lucas, Lucas Oil
High Performance Piston Seminar
Mahle Aftermarket

The show is at the Indiana Convention Center & RCA Dome complex in the heart of Indianapolis. Downtown Indianapolis has a lively nightlife with lots of dining and entertainment choices. There is even a major shopping mall a few blocks from the convention center.

Suggestions for attending the show:

PRI  Trade Show

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1. Pre-register.
2. Bring lots of business cards.
3. Wear comfortable clothes and good walking shoes.
4. Study the exhibitor list. Create a "must see" list.
5. Put Audie Technology on the "must see" list.
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We will be at the Performance Racing Industry (PRI) trade show east, December 14-16 in Orlando Florida. Our booth numbers are 4590-4592. This is the largest show in the world for hardcore racing. Over 1300 companies will be exhibiting in over 3100 booths. The show does not charge admission, but it is trade only. Pre-registration is strongly recommended, since many who do not pre-register do not bring the required proof of their trade status and are refused admission. For more information and to pre-register contact PRI: www.performanceracing.com (site password: hardcore) Phone (949) 499-5413 Fax (949) 499-0410

Tumble Meter

Tumble and swirl are both motions of the intake charge in the cylinder. Swirl is similar to the spinning action of water going down a drain. Tumble is a rolling action. It is oriented 90 degrees to swirl and measuring it requires a different meter. Swirl is usually found in 2 valve heads, but not found in 4 valve heads. In 4 valve heads the swirl induced by one intake valve is canceled by the opposite swirl induced by the other intake valve. In some applications it might be helpful to measure both swirl and tumble. The Audie Technology tumble meter uses a standard technique to convert the tumble’s rolling motion into a motion that is similar to swirl moving sideways. Our tumble meter has two sideways-mounted pickups that are similar to our swirl meter paddle pickup. Two pickups (some meters only have one) let us detect tumble on two sides at the same time and keep the meter from producing an asymmetrical imbalance. 

John Aller Beefs Up Sales and Tech Support

John is already familiar to many Audie Tech customers  because he has been helping us in our booth at the PRI show for many years.  When major surgery sidelined Audie in early 2005, John stepped up to help us with sales and tech support.  It worked out so well that we have made the arrangement permanent.  A new phone system has been installed so that when you can call us you can choose to speak with John in Ohio or Audie in Pennsylvania.  Isn't technology amazing!

John is an engine builder with experience in a wide variety of engines.  He owns one the first Flow Quiks, has built his own flowbench (fully outfitted with Flow Pro), and has used Dynomation to design and build engines that did quite well.  John says that every odd engine from 5 HP Briggs to 12 cylinder Jaguars has made its way to his shop at one time or another.  His broad hands-on experience is a great supplement to Audie's computer geek perspective.

On-line Software Updates

Updates for the all of our Windows based programs are now available on-line. To find the software updates page, click on the "Software Updates" tag at the top of our website home page. The software updates page lets you view a complete revision history and also download the latest version update. The download is a small program that you run after the download completes. When you run it, it updates your existing software. The update can be downloaded on one computer and copied to a disk for installation on a different computer.

International Representatives

To better serve our customers Audie Technology has sales representatives in several countries. So that they can do the best job for our customers, we share our correspondence with customers in their country with our representatives.  A list of our dealers and representatives is on our website: Audie Technology Dealers.

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