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Date: 1998-03-01 17:50:05
Audie Technology Newsletter - March 1998

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MARCH 1998

Learning Head Porting

We are often asked to recommend books on head porting. We are aware of David Vizard's How to Build & Modify Chevrolet Small Block V-8 Cylinder Heads, but that is an awfully short list, so we are passing the request to you. Please send us your recommendations. We are looking for book, magazine article, and technical paper recommendations. We will compile them and give you the results in a future newsletter.

Another way to learn head porting it to go to school. If this appeals to you contact:

Mondello Technical School     Phone: 800-252-2527

Paso Robles, CA     Phone: 800-237-8814

New   Web Site: http://www.audietech.com

We are proud to announce our new web site. On the site you can download the latest demo software, view our full line of products, check out old newsletter articles and other technical articles, get the contact numbers for our dealers, and send us email. Our URL is www.audietech.com

Swirl Meter Paddle Option

A paddle pickup is now available as an alternative for the Audie Technology swirl meter. The standard pickup is a lightweight polycarbonate honeycomb disk. The disk boasts great low swirl sensitivity, while the paddle has a better durability. Each pickup is mounted on its own support arm making it easy to change pickups. The Audie Technology swirl meter comes in a custom shipping/storage box, although most owners never need to store it because it is always on their bench.

Cam How to Sell More Cams

Ken Moe (Competition Proven magazine and Performance Motorsports, Valley Springs, SD) reports selling twice as many cams because of his Cam Pro Plus. Ken writes:

Cam Pro Plus allows the engine builder to verify the cam manufacturer's specs. It also calculates a lobe lift figure at TDC which saves him time assembling the engine - he simply has to find TDC and check intake lobe lift. There is no messing with degree wheels.

Every camshaft sold over the counter can be checked to verify that the grind is what was ordered and to have a file on the computer to help the customer in the event he has a problem degreeing the cam. It also allows him to generate the lobe lift figure if the customer wants to advance or retard the cam on the stand or even in the dyno. This is very effective, especially in dyno testing as all you need to change cam timing is an accurate TDC pointer and you can check valve lift by using Cam Pro Plus to tell where the cam is installed.

Cam Pro Plus allows the salesman to show the customer how changing valve lash or rocker arm ratio will impact not only total valve lift, but also how those changes will affect valve duration.

Cam Pro Plus allows the engine builder or salesman to compare two different cam profiles at seat duration and at .050 duration. This allows him to show the customer why his more expensive cam is better then the $39.95 cam that the mail order house is trying to sell him.

Cam Pro Plus & Doctor Doctor

The File Conversion option for Cam Pro Plus imports and exports cam data files. The imported file types supported are S96, Doctor Doctor, and Cam Doctor. Exported file types are S96 and Doctor Doctor. This option was originally developed for Cam Pro Plus owners who were also using Doctor Doctor. Doctor Doctor has many interesting abilities in the area of cam profile manipulation and design. It is distributed by Response Software of Gainesville, Florida. You can email them at gkmatthew@aol.com or phone them at (352) 378-9790.

Also available for Cam Pro Plus are the Keyboard Data Entry/Edit option (creates and edits CPP data files via keyboard enter lift data) and the Customized/FISA Report option (adds two new report styles).

Flow Quick LogoSaves Money and Time

Flow Quik is bringing fast repeatable flow testing to many who could not previously afford it. flow Quik owners use it on a broad range of engines from 5HP Briggs to Big Block Chevy's and even carburetors. Even more surprising is that some Flow Quik owners also own a flow bench. They find Flow Quik much faster (up to 10 times as fast) and easier to use!

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