2020 PRI Trade Show
Indianapolis, IN
Dec. 10 - 12 
Audie Tech Booth # 5134

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JULY 2008

  • Head Porting School
  • Dynomation on Sale
  • Engine Expert for Windows


  • Engine Expert for Windows
  • Cam Pro Plus:  Tech Inspection
  • Cam Pro Plus Uses Andrews Easy Cam Hardware
  • Cam Pro Plus Reads Spintron Data
  • Flow Pro Expander for Superflow™ Flow Com
  • Cam Pro Plus Adds New Lobe Details Report

JULY 2006

  • Flow Pro Expander for Superflow™ Flow Com
  • RPM and PRI Trade Shows
  • Tumble Meter
  • John Aller Beefs Up Sales and Tech Support
MARCH 2004
  • Why 28 Inches? Why Depression?
  • Blueprints for Flow Quik Test Plenum & Air Supply
  • Jamison Equipment Sells Flow Benches
  • Dart Machinery Wet Flow Bench
  • Valve Opener for Flow Pro
  • Flow Quik Adapter for Briggs Engines
  • Performance Engine Technology Seminars
  • Glad I Broke the Driveshaft!
  • On-line Software Updates
  • Overlooked Valve Pro Feature
  • Email Newsletter to Publish More Often
  • The Book on Camshafts
  • Don Hubbard's Camshaft Bibliography
  • What Do I Need Besides Flow Quik?
  • New: Cam Pro Plus for Windows
  • Flow Quik Magazine Articles
  • Engine Design Classes
  • Valve Opener for Flow Pro
  • THE Book on Camshafts
  • Mitutoyo Digital Dial Indicator for Flow Pro
  • Flow Quik Air Supply: New Accessories for Flow Quick
  • What is Base Circle Runout?
  • Depression Control is Shipping Now
  • Head Porting Books: A list
  • E-mail newsletter: Get Your Copy Faster Via E-mail
MARCH 1998
  • Learning Head Porting: Sources, Publications, and a School to Learn Head Porting
  • New Swirl Meter Option- Paddle Wheel
  • How To Sell More Cams
  • Cam Pro Plus Software and Doctor Doctor Software
  • Flow Quik Saves Time and Money
  • Swirl Success: Gain More Horsepower Using the Swirl Meter
  • Air Does Funny Things: The Importance of Air Speed in Flow Testing
JUNE 1997
  • Solution to WIN 95 Printing Problems
  • HP Printer Warning
  • Flow Bench Fixture Sources
  • Audie Technology Relocates to Pennsylvania
  • Measuring Systems
  • That's Fast! - Flow Testing With a Flow Pro in 3 Minutes.
APRIL 1996
  • Where Can I Buy a Flow Bench?
  • Accuracy, Repeatability, Resolution and Dynomation.
  • Where Can I Buy a Flow Bench?
  • How to Buy a Computer
  • What are Velocity, Acceleration, and Jerk?
APRIL 1995
  • America vs. the World
  • Why You Need a Computer
  • What Good is a Computer?
  • Low Lift Exhaust Flow and Dynomation
  • Desk Jet Printer Drivers
  • Where Can I Buy a Flow Bench?
  • Reaction to "The World of Briggs and Straton"
  • Cam Factor
  • Time is Money - Flow Pro Cuts Flow Testing by 66 Percent
  • The World of Briggs and Straton
  • Mushroom Tappets & Power
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