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Cam Pro Plus for Windows – Revision History

Ver. 2.15 June 9, 2020
1. Fixed bug displayed pressure angles incorrectly in the Custom report
when using metric units.

Ver. 2.14 March 21, 2020
1. Fixed bug that did not prompt to save changes when AutoSave
was turned off and only the notes were edited.

Ver. 2.13 April 10, 2019
1. Fixed problems with saving to file of changes made using the
Advance/Retard command.
2. Fixed manual saving to file of changes.

Ver. 2.12 June 4, 2018
1. Fixed bug that affected the “Variation” values for exhaust duration, opening
events, and closing events on lobe details reports.

Ver. 2.11a April 17, 2018
1. Fixed bug that affected lobe centerline numbers when a
different follower valve train adjustment was used and the
rocker ratio was set to zero.

Ver. 2.11 October 7, 2017
1. Added ability to save reports to .csv files by changing the file
extension to “.csv&”. This is used for easy import into Excel.
2. Added a Tip Angle report. Tip angles are used by camshaft
3. Fixed bugs in largely unused keyway measuring software option

Ver. 2.10 March 19, 2017
1. Converted to newer help file format because Microsoft no longer
supports the old format.
2. Added option to make an exhaust lobe instead of an intake lobe when
importing an .S96 file.
3. Added option to substitute Valve Lift for Cam Lift when exporting to
an older version .CPP file.

Ver. 2.08 October 21, 2016
1. Added option to run EZ Cam hardware without motor control board.
2. Fixed bug in measuring when using Heiddenhain interface board.

Ver. 2.06 November 27, 2015
1. Fixed problem in opening lobes on some Windows 8 and Windows 10
computers by avoiding use of defective Microsoft treeview control.

Ver. 2.05 October 22, 2015
1. New installation program implemented.

Ver. 2.04 March 4, 2014
1. Fixed bug that included extra columns in some reports.

Ver. 2.03 December 9, 2012
1. Fixed bug that caused unwanted line wrapping on reports.

Ver. 2.02 November 11, 2012
1. Added support for new hardware that uses USB to connect.

Ver. 1.72b February 23, 2012
1. Improved S96 file import to handle files with non-standard line

Ver. 1.72 April 1, 2011
1. Adjust legend on graph printouts to allow more room for the file name.

Ver. 1.71 May 23, 2009
1. Several changes to improve measuring fuel injector lobes.

Ver. 1.70 November 20, 2008
1. Changes to the Easy Cam Import function to accommodate very old versions
of Easy Cam files.

Ver. 1.69 July 14, 2008
1. Fixed bug that generated error messages in some Lobe Details reports.

Ver. 1.68 December 19, 2007
1. Added improvements to keyboard entry of lobe data.

Ver. 1.67 November 26, 2007
1. Added details report.

Ver. 1.66 November 4, 2007
1. Fixed bug in saving of keyboard entered lobes.

Ver. 1.65 October 31, 2007
1. Added warning message when lobe measurement does not start on base
circle. This mistake can cause bad centerline errors.
2. Added support for Andrews Products’ EZ Cam hardware.

Ver. 1.62 April 18, 2007
1. Updates to authorization key support due to Windows Vista.
2. Added Technical Inspection mode.

Ver. 1.60 February 13, 2007
1. Fixed bug that produced a “subscript out of range” error message when
the reference lobe was the first lobe in the list and it was closed.
This bug only affected those who have the Runout and Deviation option.
The bug was introduced in version 1.59.

Ver. 1.59 January 23, 2007
1. Added ability to save graph to a bmp file.
2. Added deviation curve to the graph as part of deviation & runout option.

Ver. 1.58 November 23, 2006
1. Added Swap Centerlines option to Doctor Doctor Import. This is useful
when importing Cam Doctor files because unlike Doctor Doctor files, they
have a random centerline location.
2. Removed msvcrt.dll from the distribution. Microsoft now advises to not
distribute this file as it can cause installation problems on some

Ver. 1.57 September 30, 2006
1. Added Reverse Centerlines option to EasyCam Import.

Ver. 1.56 July 13, 2006
1. Added support for new firmware piston stop routine.

Ver. 1.55 June 26, 2006
1. Added support for COM ports up to COM 9.

Ver. 1.53 March 15, 2006
1. Fixed bug introduced in ver. 1.52.

Ver. 1.52 March 14, 2006
1. Improve “bad data” error messages.
2. Revised English help file.
3. Added option to turn off automatic file updates.
4. Added Save and Save As options.
5. Fixed MS bug that displayed data in the lists at the wrong location, but
only on a only few XP machines. Very strange!

Ver. 1.50 January 4, 2006
1. Fixed bug introduced in ver. 1.49.

Ver. 1.49 December 11, 2005
1. Made changes to better process fuel injecter lobes.

Ver. 1.48 November 15, 2005
1. Valve Train info for intake and exhaust lobes was swapped on newly
measured lobes.

ver. 1.47 November 2, 2005
1. Added Easy Cam import option.
2. Added Retard-Advance of lobe/shaft/engine.
3. Fixed Win XP related printing problems.
4. Fixed problems in importing Cam Doctor files with 0.1 degree data.

Ver. 1.46 May 24, 2005
1. Refined default plot colors and fixed bug in assigning plot colors to
newly measured lobes.
2. Fixed bug in 4stHEAD cam lift export.

Ver. 1.45 May 18, 2005
1. Added plot color to CPP files so that color is restored when files are
2. Added 4stHEAD cam lift to export options.
3. Fixed bug in 4stHEAD valve lift export.

Ver. 1.44 May 1, 2005
1. Fixed cosmetic problems that appear when running under Windows XP.

Ver. 1.42 February 25, 2005
1. Fixed bug in Export to Older version CPP file.

Ver. 1.41 February 4, 2005
1. Added Export to Older version CPP file.  This command is on the File
menu. The function was needed for backward compatibility with Valve Pro
and the DOS version of Dynomation.

Ver. 1.40 November 4, 2004
1. Area Under Curve now works for negative values.

Ver. 1.39 October 13, 2004
1. Fixed bug that printed when saving a report to a file.

Ver. 1.38 September 30, 2004
1. Added option to include notes on all reports except Cam Card Report. The
check box to activate this feature is on the General tab of the Report
Setup dialog.

Ver. 1.37 September 17, 2004
1. Activated the “Load Valve Train From Library” button in the Measurement
Setup editor.
2. Added DAO database support to installation.

Ver. 1.36 July 2, 2004
1. Fixed bug in calculation of valve velocity, valve acceleration, and valve
jerk for lobes with different follower valve trains.

Ver. 1.35 July 15, 2004
1. Fixed bug in 4StHead export.

Ver. 1.34 July 6, 2004
1. Fixed bugs in centerline methods.

Ver. 1.33 June 7, 2004
1. Added a new option for cam centerline method, and removed the zero
velocity cam centerline method.
2. Fixed scrolling for graphs that use a large zoom.
3. Fixed bug that could cause centerlines to “go bad” when a lobe is

Ver. 1.31 April 4, 2004
1. Fixed bug introduced in ver. 1.30, that caused the Cam Card Report to
sometimes use valve lift when it should use cam lift, and visa versa.

Ver. 1.30 April 4, 2004
1. Bug fixes for valve train option.
2. Angles now show to 2 decimal places.
3. Add new options for cam centerline method.
4. Improved repeatability of centerline detection.
5. Updated help file.

Ver. 1.28 February 15, 2004
1. Bug fixes for valve train option.

Ver. 1.27 November 23, 2003
1. Added extra cost option for runout compensation and deviation report.
2. Added COM port loopback test.
3. Measurement Setups that were on stand w/ TDC offset were incorrectly
ignoring bank and lifter bore offset values.

Ver. 1.26 August 28, 2002
1. Fixed bug that caused error messages after canceling out of creating a
new lobe via keyboard entry.
2. Added 4StHead file to File Export option.

Ver. 1.25 January 4, 2002
1. Added option to hide the lists in the graph screen. This lets the graph
fill almost the whole screen.
2. Fixed bug that crashed program when you clicked beyond the last column of
the lobe list.

Ver. 1.24 December 28, 2001
1. Add extra digit for degrees on custom reports that have degree steps < 1.
2. Added new centerline method: 0.050 from base circle.
3. Fixed problem where project files were not remembering which folder was
last used for opening, converting, etc.

Ver. 1.23 November 5, 2001
1. Added more variations to the Raw Data ASCII output option.

Ver. 1.22 October 25, 2001
1. Fix bug that sometimes crashed the cam card report.

Ver. 1.21 October 16, 2001
1. Fix bug that caused crashes when producing very large reports.

Ver. 1.20 September 26, 2001
1. Fix bugs affecting cam centerlines as stored in file.
2. Fix bugs affecting display of lift on realtime screen when using 3600
line (Heidenhain) encoder.
3. Fix bug that crashed Cam Card report if a lobe had no mate.

Ver. 1.19 June 14, 2001
1. Added thick graph lines option.
2. Changed S96 export to honor Metric/English setting.

Ver. 1.18 April 26, 2001
1. Added the Cam Card Report.
2. Fixed bug in the new options of the Cam Lift by Lobe report.

Ver. 1.17 April 23, 2001
1. Added new options to the Cam Lift by Lobe report.

Ver. 1.16 March 11, 2001
1. Fixed bug that caused problems on Windows 2000 (and possibly Win NT).
2. Fix inconsistent colors on some screens.

Ver. 1.15b March 7, 2001
1. Fixed bug that prevented printing of Open/Close Report.

Ver. 1.15a February 2, 2001
1. Fix bug that prevented opening of some measurement setup files.

Ver. 1.15 February 1, 2001
1. Fix bug that prevented opening of lobes from multiple valve engines.
2. Add feature that moves list highlights when you click on a lobe.

Ver. 1.14 December 6, 2000
1. Include files to fix “out of memory error” problems on some systems.

Ver. 1.13b December 5, 2000
1. Cosmetic fixes to the Graph & Measuring Options dialog.

Ver. 1.13a November 3, 2000
1. Keybaord Entry/Edit option now honors the users choice of measurement

Ver. 1.13 November 2, 2000
1. Fix error that used cam degrees for open &amp; close on analysis reports.
2. Fix error message that appeared on startup if measurement setup file did
not exist.
3. Allow crank throw angles on last tab of measurement setup to all be 0.
4. Add user choice on BC Runout method
5. Add saving of C/L method and BC Runout method in project file.

Ver. 1.12 August 30, 2000
1. Add Option to select Spanish or English for help file.
2. Clicking Cancel in the printer selection dialog now cancels printing.
3. Now uses more realistic default values for base circle diameter and
4. Added the Notes report.
5. Increased font size of notes in Lobe edit dialog.
6. Fixed bug that could cause an “Out of Memory” or “Out of Resources”
error when printing graphs.
7. Add options to Raw ASCII output.
8. Add TDC offset to measurement setup for in engine measurements.
9. Fix bug that sometimes displayed lift in inches on the real-time screen
when mm should have been used.

Ver. 1.11 June 19, 2000
1. Add Analysis Report
2. Add 2 more digits after the decimal to Peak Lift on By Lobe reports.
3. Refine changes made in ver. 1.10
4. Fixed bug that gave error when trying to read lobe data for cams in
multi-valve engines.

Ver. 1.10b May 9, 2000
1. Fix error in file export routines for Doctor Doctor and S96 files.

Ver. 1.10 May 2, 2000
1. Fix problems that appear if the computer is configured to use a decimal
symbol that is not “.” (Many countries use “,” for the decimal symbol).

Ver. 1.09b April 21, 2000
1. Fix warning messages in Graph Setup dialog so that they can be seen.
2. Add “Front”, “Left Bank”, and “Right Bank” labels to cylinder map in the
measurement setup dialog.

Ver. 1.09a April 13, 2000
1. Fix bug that gave Error 9 in some circumstances.

Ver. 1.09 April 5, 2000
1. Fix problem in lash entry on the Measurement Setup dialog when using
metric units.
2. Changed Lift on the Measuring screen from inches to mm when in metric mode.
3. Fixed timing problem that hindered the correct start of a lobe measurement
on slower computers.
4. Improved the hard-coded default project file.

Ver. 1.08 March 16, 2000
1. Add “Optional Encoder (Fast)” to list of rotary encoders when using
Rev. F hardware.
2. Fix bug that caused incorrect centerlines when using Rev. E8E hardware.

Ver. 1.07 March 14, 2000
1. Fix error in application of follower bore offsets in multi-valve engines.
2. Fix bug that did not preserve the user\’s printout headings, and sometimes
produced an error message when saving a project file.
3. Fix tabbing order on Engine Map in Measurement Setup dialog.

Ver. 1.06 February 21, 2000
1. Fix problem with saving of some notes that are more than one line long.
2. Fix bug that would edit the wrong lobe when you right click on the lobe
while the lobe list is scrolled down.
3. Improved interaction with Sensor Display module.
4. “Crank Degree” & “Cam Degree” labels were switched in the Custom Report
tab of the Report Setup dialog.
5. Fix bugs that only appear when using metric units.
6. Add &quot;Step&quot; to the graph and keyboard means of moving the cursor lines in
the graph.
7. Fix bug that sometimes included extra lobes in the heading area of an
Open-Close Report.
8. Fix bug that permitted Angle Step sizes less than 1 in the Open-Close
Report. Angle Step sizes less than 1 hang the program when the report is
9. Add “Lobe Centerline Method” entry to the Graph & Measuring Options dialog.
Users can not select the new “.050 from Max Lift” centerline method. This
method is commonly used on cam cards.
10. Fix bug that would sometimes distort the vertical scale when zooming in.
The distortion was accompanied by a beep.

Ver. 1.05 December 20, 1999
1. Fix bug that showed incorrect values for overlap on “by lift” reports.
2. Fix bug that did not erase a data file when the filename was re-used.
This had several bad side effects, including lobes that had incorrect
centerlines, and “linear sensor on retainer” tests that appeared to be
“linear sensor on follower” and visa-versa.
3. Stopped plotting of cam and runout curves for tests that had only valve
lift data.
4. Fixed problem with double clicking a file name when selecting lobes to
5. Selecting “Report” or “Quick Report” from the Measure menu of the
real-time screen now works for exhaust lobes.

Ver. 1.04 December 15, 1999
1. Fix bug that prevented proper measurement when the rotary sensor was
on the crankshaft.
2. Fixed bug that appeared to lose Rotary Encoder setting of “Optional
3. Stopped actions that are normally taken just after a lobe is measured
from happening when the lobe data is bad.

Ver. 1.03 December 6, 1999
1. Fix bug that caused an error message when the hierarchical tree which
was added in ver. 1.02 displays a folder that has no Cam Pro Plus files.
2. Added file import and export functions. This is an extra cost option.
3. Added raw data ascii output function.&nbsp; This is an extra cost option.
4. Added the new functions to the help files and manual.

Ver. 1.02 November 29, 1999
1. Fixed bug that could cause lobes list to appear blank if many lobes were
closed at once.
2. Change listing of CPP files to open to use a hierarchical tree.

Ver. 1.01 October 25, 1999
1. Initial release.

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