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What is Valve Pro?
Valve Pro kinematically models the valve train to produce accurate valve motion profiles from measured cam data. It combines engine geometry with air flow and cam data for further analysis.

Interactive Valve Train Diagrams
Valve Pro also draws diagrams of the valve trains. Each valve train diagram is interactively tied to its graphs. As you move the cursor line through the graph, the valve train diagram changes to show valve train position at that point in the engine rotation. Different variations of the same valve train can be overlaid for comparison.

Accurate Valve Motion
Cams measured using a flat or roller translating follower can be modeled using a non-translating valve train or a different style or size follower. This is a great aid to those working with end pivot finger and center pivot (CORA) valve trains. It's also handy when you want to see what happens when a roller cam is used with different size followers.

Accessible Information
Individual data windows give quick access to overlap triangle location and area information, area under the curve, duration, and value at the cursor information. A moveable baseline allows access to "area under the curve above the baseline" values. Air flow data is integrated with the valve lift to produce an air flow vs. engine rotation curve. There's much to be learned from studying this curve. Piston position calculations include wrist pin offset. You can easily put together different rod length, stroke, and wrist pin combinations and then overlay them to study the results.

Flexible Reports

Extensive flexible report capabilities make it easy to generate any report you need. Reports can include variance columns. Wide body printers and reports wider than the monitor screen are supported.

Graphed Data Curves
  • Cam Lift
  • Cam Velocity
  • Cam Acceleration
  • Cam Jerk
  • Valve Lift
  • Valve Velocity
  • Valve Acceleration
  • Valve Jerk
  • Air Flow
  • Piston Position
  • Piston to Valve Clearance
Valve Train Types
  • Fixed Ratio
  • Pushrod
  • Finger Follower
  • Direct Acting (Bucket)
  • Center Pivot with Lifter
  • Center Pivot - no Lifter (CORA)
Download Valve Pro Demo (333K) Version 1.4  - Updated January 14, 2006
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